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We adopt the most advanced Italy technology, and the equipment can be customized according to your requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us!Automatic Block Making Machine is always used in the brick making machine production line. Depending on different moulds ,it can produce standard brick, porous brick, blind-hollow brick, hollow brick, paving brick and other kinds of bricks according to your special requirements.

Application & Raw Material

Provide Customized Production According To Customers' DemandAutomatic hydraulic concrete block making machine is widely used in construction of building, road, square, hydraulic, garden, etc.

Production Line

Automatic concrete block making machine production line is mainly consists of three parts:
√ Automatic Dosage System: Two or more of the raw materials can be sent into mixer according to corresponding proportion by belt conveyor.
√ Mixing System: Mix the given raw materials and sent them into the big hopper of hydraulic concrete block making machine.
√ Moulding System: Including automatic block making machine, conveying brick machine, hydraulic system, automatic control system.

Best Sellers Concrete Block Making Machine
Overall Dimension 3270*1850*3200mm Product type Size(L*W*H) Pcs/mould Pcs/hour
Rated Pressure 21MP
Vibration Frequency 1500-4100times/min Concrete block 390*190*190 5 1800
Pallet Size 850*680mm Porous Block 240*115*90 15 3600
Molding Cycle 12-25sec. /time Solid block 240*115*53 30 7200
Total Power 38kw Paving block 200*100*60 21 3024
Molding Cycle 15-20sec./time Product type Size(L*W*H) Pcs/mould Pcs/hour Pcs/8h
Pallet Size 980*840*40mm
Vibration Frequency 4800-5100r/min Concrete block 390*190*190 8 1920-1440 15360-11520
Installed Capacity 33.55KW Paving Block 200*100*60 28 6720-5500 53769-45000
Overall Dimension 4750*2000*2950mm Standard block 240*115*53 45 10080-7560 80640-60480
Overall Dimension 3700*2100*3090mm Product type Size(L*W*H) Pcs/mould Pcs/hour
Rated Pressure 21MP
Vibration Frequency 2800-4500times/min Concrete block 390*190*190 10 1800
Pallet Size 1100*950mm Porous Block 240*115*90 28 6720
Molding Cycle 15-25sec. /time Solid block 240*115*53 52 12480
Total Power 35.5kw Paving block 200*100*60 36 5184

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