4-20 Concrete Interlocking Block Machine

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We adopt the most advanced Italy technology, and the equipment can be customized.
Concrete interlocking brick making machine is mainly suitable for small and medium block & brick manufacturer with advanced hydraulic system.


Provide Customized Production According To Customers’ Demand.
The interlocking brick machine is widely used in each filed, such as building houses, walls of the yard, ground in office area, ground in square,roads in park, parking area,etc.


This interlocking block making machine just needs small budgets, will make largest production volume. HAOMEI concrete block making machine is a combination of high European quality and reasonable price. FREE send email Today!

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Block Making Machine Technical Advantage

Insist on technical innovation to meet market requirement of current scale, energy saving and environmental protection

  • 1 Structure Hardness

    Heavy duty machine structure and wear resistant moulds, the hardness reaches up to HRC 52-58, greatly improving the using lifetime of the machine by 50%.

  • 2 Vibration System

    Electro-hydraulic technology-driven, multi-source vibration, vertical vibration companion, realizing low frequency feeding, high-frequency molding.

  • 3 Oriented

    The super special steel is made of chrome plated with good torsional and wear ability,  which can effectively protect the interlocking block machine.

  • 4Stored Material Separating Device

    Automatic control of the material supply to ensure uniform supply, minimal error of products intensity, and the 3-20 model is unique technology of Haomei.

  • 5 PLC system

    Electrical control system uses PLC system, computer interface operation, random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, ensure the best working results.

  • 6 Hydraulic System

    Adopt electro-hydraulic control and precise hydraulic order of high and low pressure operation system, imported hydraulic valve for overall control.

Parameter Specification

Both of process design and late return, Haomei Block Making Machine is your best choice!

Molding Cycle 15-20sec./time Product type Size(L*W*H) Pcs/mould Pcs/hour Pcs/8h
Exciting Force 36KN
Vibration Frequency 5800times/min
Motor power 23.5KW Concrete block 390*190*190 4 720 5760
Pallet Size 980*535mm Paving Block 200*100*60 16 2880 23040
weight 7.2T Standard block 240*115*53 28 5040 4032


Haomei Machine service includes: reach the desired output, product quality meet the requirements, each consumption indicators meet the requirements, effectively control the cost of production, process equipment can stable operation.
Production capacity achieve indicators, the expected economic benefits to achieve, product quality can meet the requirements, etc

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