Full-Automatic Block Machine Production Line

Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine Production Line

                                      1.Cement Bin     2.Basic Material Dosing Machine    3.Plus Material Dosing Machine 4.Spiral Conveyor      5.Cement Electronic Scale      6.Basic Material Mixer

                        7.Plus Material Mixer    8.Hopper For Basic Material Mixer     9.Hopper For Plus Material Mixer         10.Supporting Platform Of Mixing Plant

                           11.Bucket Elevator Of Basic Material      12.Bucket Elevator Of Plus Material   13.Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine   14.Integration Controlling System

  15.Automatic Feeding System    16.Wet Green Conveying Line    17.Pedestrian Overcrossing       18.Brick Brushing Machine  

  19.Full Automatic Brick Stacking Machine    20. Full Automatic Brick Stacking Machine       21.Program Control Subequipment

                       22.Dry Body Conveying Line      23.Stacker Crane    24.Pallet Brushing Machine    25.Panel Turnover Machine  26.Lateral Pallet Conveyor  27.Stacking Pallet Bin

28.Horizontal Strapping Machine     29.Sword-Type Strapping Machine   30.Film Winding Machine    31.Loader      32.Fork Truck

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